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What are the Hottest Nail Polish Colours Right Now?

WOW! THE hottest nail colour! Red velvet and bloody colours will be very trendy this Winter. It will look so sexy with woollen clothing. You can choose many shades of red nail colours.

Glittery nails:
Glittery nail polishes will also be trendy this winter, especially for weddings, dates and parties. You simply have to apply your matching nail colour to give a final coat of glitter  colour on the top. Wow – such an attracting look!

Midnight blue:
The shades of blue always look great with everything, as in your dressing and all other accessories. This winter, blue will be trendiest as it gives a bright look to your hands.

I always like light shades in Winter. This Winter 2016-17, the nude colour is more requested than any other colour.

Is one of the hottest colours, as it looks great. Grey shades, dark and light both will be trendy in these winters days. You can also do some nail art and you can add nail accessories it looks very on-trend.

Pale colours give a soft look to your hand as in Winter you always want to have a soft look with your makeup and hairstyle.

Dark Purple:
Purple is my favourite colour. I always buy a purple shrug, sweater and tops in winter, as they give the fantastic look to your personality. So in applying purple nail colour, the dressing and fashion sense seems complete.

Metallic colours:
These metallic shading colours are the vast majority of the most up to date style slants that are displayed for Winter 2016-2107. It can be found in garments, embellishments and even nail shines for more extravagance and to include a rich and splendid touch to your hands.

Dark green:
Autumn, for the most part, brings dark shades of nail shading, the particularly profound dark green colour will be trendy this season.
The classy tints come in lighter emeralds, darker timberland greens and even in shimmery enamels, all of which offer a pop of occasional shading to your digits. Darker nail hues connote the colder months, and we’re cherishing this extreme change from the splendid pastels of summer.

Black Carbon Shades:
Dark nail shine is a challenging yet shockingly simple style. It can run with whatever you’re wearing and the carbon black shades are available to wear with any style of dress.

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